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The moment was all; the moment was enough.

The boy is blind in one eye, his right eye. I was alone in an empty class room at the Angkor Tree School, checking my camera settings. When I looked up to take a test shot, he was there. Sitting silently at the wooden school desk, gazing at the soft, morning sunlight peeking through the half open window. His chin up, his arm and hand relaxed, resting next to him. I didn’t move one foot. I raised my camera and pressed the shutter button. In a reflex, I look down at my display screen to check if I got the settings right. Not even a full second later I raise my camera again to get another shot, and he was gone... vanished into thin air... I have one image of him. And one image is enough.

The portrait of the blind boy was not taken, it was given to me. A beautiful gift to remind me in my moments of self doubt to be grateful for my eyes, to accept them as my power, to carry them with pride and to use them with courage to create images to influence positive change.

To travel is a wondrous process of evolving and growing...

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