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Life is Precious, Capture it.

The more I move forward with my first photography project “Baby’s First Year”, the more I feel grateful for being able to capture the fleeting moments that bring so much joy to the young parents. Meet Sir. Logan. After photographing him when he was 3 weeks old, my second session at the age of 4 months, allowed me to document his growing, special bond with his mom & dad and family dog Neno.

The beauty of these in-house photo sessions is that they give me time and space to connect with each and one of them, offering me the unique opportunity to capture and reflect their authentic, private family moments.

Besides capturing the desired portraits that will always look nice framed at the wall, I am also there to witness Logan getting upset or hungry. I am there to document his caring mother who whispers sweet, comforting sounds in his ear. I am there when the strong and playful hands of dad take over to lift him up in the sky for a free fall and laughter.

And I am there to capture family dog Neno her rolling eyes when Logan opens his lungs...

With each image I make, it is my goal to represent the family atmosphere as it is at this time in their life. When they look back at these moments, they will remember their outdated couch, the borrowed coffee table and Logan’s first toys. And they will also remember the pillow that mom put underneath Logan to make him feel comfortable.

I am excited to keep following Logan and see his personality grow. I am already looking forward to another session. Perhaps next time we can head out and find a new setting as Logan expands his world.

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