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Bringing together passion, belief and purpose.

There a many sides to my love for the art of photography. After 10 years of living overseas, two relocations, travels and growing, everythings comes full circle.

My love for photography started with a form of creative play and self expression from a very young age. A move from Belgium to Ecuador in 2006, followed by relocation to Canada in 2010, offered me new opportunities to grow as a documentary photographer and taught me the power of visual storytelling. As an expat mother attempting to document and share our family life overseas, I began documenting and creating images that could stand alone to tell the story. Simultaneously, I took the opportunity to gain eight years’ experience documenting two international IB Schools.

Influenced by the IB vision to create a better world through education, my hobby grew into a passion and profession that left me with the strong desire to go beyond the how of my art to the why. An inspiring humanitarian photo-workshop with The Giving Lens-Tanzania Team in 2015 instilled in me a desire to work on more humanitarian photography projects. In order to make this happen, I set up a business service for documenting International IB Schools  and create photographic school portfolios. For more details, I invite you to explore the following website:

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