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The art of photography feeds my soul. It brings me into the present moment, allowing me to find solitude and peace in life’s speed and noise. With my camera, I forget about time and reconnect with beingness, expressing what is hard to articulate. I am passionate about observing life. I carry my camera with curiosity, compassion, and humour. Always looking for the unguarded moment, I seek to let the story unfold in its natural way.


My portfolio is a work in progress, as is my artistic voice. In exploring different fields of interest, I am constantly reinventing and transforming myself, defining characteristics that become more clearly visible in every image I make. My current body of work is a mosaic of images from the past nine years, while living on three continents. What started with a predilection for both Street Photography and Fine Art Photography has grown in different directions. A challenging and inspiring humanitarian photo workshop with The Giving Lens-Tanzania Team 2015 left me with the desire to be involved in more Humanitarian Photography projects.


I believe that powerful images can connect people beyond language, culture, and borders to conserve cultural traditions, raise awareness, and move people into action.

Curso Básico Digital & Taller Avanzado at Art School Centro de la Imagen Alianza Francesa, Quito, Ecuador  2006-2010
Commercial Photography with Kevin James Day, Vancouver  2011
Street Photography with Kathleen Hinkel, Vancouver Photo Workshop  2012
The Constructed Image at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver  2013
Art History, The Movements that Mattered at Sotheby's Art Institute  2014
Humanitarian Photo Workshop & Volunteering, The Giving Lens, Tanzania 2015

Certificate Visual Storytelling, Photographers Without Borders, Cambodia 2016

Diploma Documentary Photography Projects, Danish School of Media and Journalism, NOOR and World Press Photo, Amsterdam May-October 2017

Certificate Visual Storytelling, Photographers Without Borders, Mongolia 2018


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